Just Say ‘No’ to Biden’s Title IX Rule Changes

About a year before Venus and Serena Williams rocketed to No’s 1 and 2 in the world in women’s professional tennis, they were on the practice court one day and decided to each play a set against a male player who happened to be practicing at the same time.  His name is lost to posterity, but at the time he was ranked somewhere around No. 200 on the men’s tour and described his training regimen as “beer and cigarettes.”  Roger Federer, he wasn’t.

He beat Venus 6-0 and Serena 6-1.

The point being that a far-below-average male professional easily defeated the top female players in the world, athletes who would go on to dominate women’s tennis for the next 15 years.

With that in mind, I turn to the Biden Administration’s proposed changes to Title IX of the Civil Rights Act that originally became law in part to ensure male-female equality in sports at the college level.  The new rule would redefine “sex” in the statute to include “sex stereotypes, sex-related characteristics (including intersex traits), pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”  In short, it would allow males who’ve transitioned to female to compete against biological females in all college sports.

As the Williams sisters’ experience makes clear, the “thinking” behind Biden’s proposed rule changes holds the potential for the total destruction of all women’s sports also played by men - tennis, golf, basketball, all track and field sports, swimming … you name it.

Of course the proposed rule changes don’t directly impact professional sports, only those at the college level, but the assumption behind it – that men who identify as women should compete as women - does.  Tennis isn’t one of them, but many professional sports – basketball, for example - rely on colleges to train and mature athletes before they turn pro.  If the authorities that govern professional sports were to follow Biden’s lead, havoc, followed by the death of women’s sports, could easily ensue. 

Let’s be clear: the tennis player – male or female - who wins, say, the U.S. Open takes home a paycheck of over $2.5 million.  There are four “major” tournaments every year, each paying about the same and countless other tilts in between that pay extremely well.  (Indian Wells pays its winners about $1.2 million each.) 

By contrast, below-average male players like the one who defeated the Williams sisters, usually lose in the first round and take home between $5k and $12k.  Not bad, but it doesn’t take a genius to do the math and draw the obvious conclusion: a few years competing as a woman can hugely improve the net worth of a biological man.  And it is an eternal verity that paying money, particularly big money, to people to take a particular action tends to increase the likelihood that they will take that action.

Quickly enough, male competitors will get the message and may well behave accordingly.  If they do, girls and women will receive their own message – however much you enjoy sports, however much you aspire to pursue a career in your chosen sport, forget it.  What high school girl will hope to compete as a college athlete knowing she’ll be opposed by men who are vastly bigger, stronger and faster than she is?  And how many high school girls will avoid athletics altogether because they know what the future holds for them?  Thus would the proposed rule changes trickle down from college to high school and up to the pros.

If you think that’s a good idea, then Biden’s Title IX changes are just your cup of tea.  But for me at least, the irony is a bit too much to swallow – a law that was passed to make the playing field level for both sexes being distorted to destroy women’s sports. 

Coincidentally, at the same time Biden’s Department of Education is trying to ram through an awful new rule, those who care about women’s sports are doing the opposite.  FINA, the international governing body for swimming and other water sports has banned from competition all athletes who completed puberty as a male.  The International Rugby League did something similar, banning transgender women from women’s rugby competitions.

There’s a simple approach to the issue of trans women in sports that would allow women’s athletics to continue to flourish.  Competitions should pit men against men, women against women, trans women against trans women and trans men against trans men.  That would be fair and reasonable.  The viewers’ market for trans sports is now unknown, but what’s neither fair nor reasonable is the sacrifice of women’s sports on the altar of trans ideology that insists, against all the evidence, that a man who transitions to female somehow loses in the process the genetic attributes that give males such an overwhelming advantage over females in matters of physical strength, speed, jumping ability, etc.

Anyone who enjoys women’s sports, anyone who wants to see women succeed in athletics and anyone with a clue about the natural differences between men and women will loudly oppose Biden’s proposed changes to Title IX rules.

For more information, go to SAVE Services where you’ll find contact information with which to voice your opposition to Biden’s attack on female athletes and athletics.

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