One Step Backward, Many Steps Forward for the Nanny State

The Biden Administration’s Disinformation Governance Board actually managed to have a shorter life than did CNN+.  The latter lasted four weeks, the former, just three.  This past Monday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that it was “pausing” the board and its director, the aggressively absurd Nina Jankowicz, resigned. 

Those with any sense of the value of free speech and civil liberties rejoiced.  The Washington Post, not so much.  It tapped Taylor Lorenz (who else?) to pen a fevered screed about sinister “right-wing” forces that had combined to deny poor Nina her rightful place in the pantheon of governmental scolds.  Never mind that many of those “right-wing” forces were traditional lefties like Glenn Greenwald and Bari Weiss.  According to Jeff Bezos’ favorite daily rag, the board (with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan) would never – “What, never?  No never!  What, never?  Well, hardly ever!” – censor anything.  Indeed, so anodyne was it to be, it would never even function.

[N]either the board nor Jankowicz had any power or ability to declare what is true or false, or compel Internet providers, social media platforms or public schools to take action against certain types of speech. In fact, the board itself had no power or authority to make any operational decisions.

That raises certain obvious questions like “What was its purpose, then?”  And, “Were these people being paid?”  And, “If so, what for?”  And, “What’s the difference between jobs on the board and the one Tony Soprano got his nephew on a union construction site?”

Still, out with the old, in with the new.  The Left’s instinct for quashing individual freedom never rests.  No sooner had the KGB DGB gone down the rat hole than House Democrats decided that the recent mass slaying in Buffalo necessitates a new law allowing the DHS to monitor domestic terrorists (DVEs).  (Needless to say, it’s been doing that for years, but an election’s on the horizon and Dems want to be seen to be doing something about something.)  

Not just any DVEs of course, just the ones they don’t like.  The bill, that passed the house by a vote of 222 – 203, uses the words “white supremacism” or “white supremacists” 15 times in a two-page bill.  Other domestic terrorists get nary a mention.  That’s true despite the fact that, in the fairly recent past, blacks Darrell Brooks and Frank James have committed mass slayings of whites and Jeremy Theron Smith, who is black, shot three Korean women, all for explicitly racist reasons.

In that of course the bill is much like the board and its now-departed director.  Jankowicz’s take on what is and what isn’t “disinformation” is by now well known.  To her, “disinformation” is any information that fails to coincide with her personal belief system.  So she’s said over the years that, for example, the Hunter Biden laptop story was just Trump Campaign propaganda and the Steele dossier was golden.  Funny how her idea of disinformation always goes one way.  What would a board headed by her consider “disinformation?”  I think we have a pretty good idea.

Like quashing dissent, Biden also wants to quash smoking menthol cigarettes.  Yes, they’re probably more harmful than the regular kind, but, as usual, the concept that adults can make up their own minds about how to behave and deal with the consequences is forever at odds with the leftist nanny state.  Speaking of nannies, I suppose it makes sense that, among her other inanities, Jankowicz likes to think of herself as Mary Poppins.

Does it ever occur to these people to just leave us alone? 

Well, come to think of it, yes.  When it comes to abortion, arson, public defecation, shooting up junk and fentanyl in downtown San Francisco or swiping $900 worth of merchandise from store shelves and walking out without paying, the Left is totally about the freedom of the individual.

All of it – every bit - just makes so much sense.

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