Short Take: Libs of TikTok and the Genius of the Woke

It’s genius.  Isn’t it?  After all, if genius is the ability to hold simultaneously in one’s mind two contradictory concepts, it must be genius.  On the other hand, it may be hitherto unplumbed depths of stupidity. 

By “it” I refer to the woke response to Libs of TikTok.  LoTT is the Twitter and Instagram feed of a person who’s been doxed by woke Washington Post employee, Taylor Lorenz, aka, Her Most Fragile Majesty.  LoTT triggered the usual weeping, wailing and rending of garments that occurs every time anything happens that upsets the woke, which is to say, every few minutes.

What did LoTT do to get the wokesters’ knickers in knot?  She did the unthinkable; she reposted YouTube videos the woke had already posted.  She trawled YouTube for woke commentary and reposted it to the LoTT site.  She did so without comment, allowing their words to speak for themselves.  That’s it; that’s all she did.

As every comedian knows, sometimes the funniest thing you can do is simply repeat someone else’s words and sit back and watch the response.  Lawyers know the same thing.  Sometimes your opponent’s words damn him/her more effectively than anything you can add.

And so it is with LoTT.  She let the woke speak for themselves.  She invaded no one’s privacy, didn’t edit the videos to misrepresent their messages, made no effort to influence viewers’ thoughts on them.  No, she just let the woke be woke. 

What followed were (a) hundreds of thousands of subscribers to LoTT who get a huge kick out of the woke making fools of themselves and (b) gales of laughter.  One of my favorites is the public-school teacher who informs his students that, when a baby is born, the doctor simply guesses at the baby’s sex.  Really, that’s what he said.  (And they wonder why parents besiege school board meetings.)

This, friends, is peak woke, a watershed in woke history.  Up to now, the woke were happy to cancel anyone who disagreed with them.  OK, there was at least a certain internal consistency to that; woke ideas are mostly Bedlam, but, if you believe those ideas, I suppose it makes sense to attack those who don’t.  But this is something altogether new.  This time, woke indignation is directed not at blasphemers, but at site that consists of woke ideas.  This time, the woke seek to cancel themselves. 

Maybe that’s pure stupidity or maybe it’s pure genius.  After all, a person who believes ‘A’ and is simultaneously frothing-at-the-mouth enraged that someone would say ‘A’ may be simply holding two contradictory concepts at once.

Or maybe not.



Nice work Mr. Franklin. Your wit is genius, in great part because it’s truthful. Thanks for the laughter. Great way to start my day.


Excellent piece. Your quote: “After all, if genius is the ability to hold simultaneously in one’s mind two contradictory concepts, it must be genius.” is incomplete, and the reason is relevant. Fitzgerald in the Crack Up said: “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” As you point out, it’s the wokesters’ inability to function when faced with their insanity.

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