The Disinformation Governance Board Will Promote Progressive Narratives

“The people who think men can get pregnant are suddenly worried about misinformation on Twitter.”

            - Facebook meme

Until a federal judge declares the new Disinformation Governance Board an unconstitutional abuse of executive power, how will it act?  To what uses will it be put?  If the past is prologue, we can safely predict.  There is a context for this, and we know what it is.

To the surprise of many, the Biden Administration has, since its inception, governed (or sought to govern) from the far left.  Some of those efforts have been blunted by Republicans and centrist Democrats like Joe Manchin as well as by the courts, but the tendency has always been there.

That’s meant governing by executive order whether legal or not, opening the southern border, massive inflationary deficit spending, casual lying and of course the use of epithets like “white supremacy” to justify the lot.  Censorship, that journalist and commentator Glenn Greenwald aptly calls a “core value” of the Left, embraced wholeheartedly by social media companies and the left MSM, has always been part of the effort. 

Frank dishonesty has been too.  Last November, Substack stalwart and traditional liberal Andrew Sullivan posted this indispensable piece on the astonishing mendacity of the leftist media.  In it he details some 18 leftist media narratives just in the last couple of years that were not only flat wrong, but, in most cases, known to be so at the time they were published.  From Kyle Rittenhouse to the Hunter Biden laptop to Putin’s “bounties” on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan to Jussie Smollett and on and on, the left media peddled false narratives that had but a single purpose – to perpetuate leftist ideology.  As Sullivan so aptly pointed out,

What makes this more worrying is simply that all these false narratives just happen to favor the interests of the left and the Democratic party. (Emphasis in the original)

 Just so. 

In brief, such is the context within which the DGB has come into being.  And such is the reason many of us don’t for an instant believe the blandishments of Secretary Mayorkas to the effect that the new board will never, never abridge free speech or put its thumb on the scales of public discourse on behalf of one ideology and against all others.  The context is too clear, the history too consistent for any serious person to believe him. 

That’s further supported by the fact that the person chosen to head up the DGB is a leftist zealot named Nina Jankowicz whose sole qualification for service seems to be her enthusiastic embrace of every loony leftist notion.  Apparently, she still believes that the Hunter Biden laptop story is variously a Russian plant or a “Trump campaign product.”  She’s bemoaned the public’s lack of trust in the news media, but places the blame, you know where,

the Trump administration’s relentless attacks on the fourth estate.

That’s typical.  According to Jankowicz, who’s simply channeling the Left’s talking points, the problem isn’t the fourth estate’s serial dishonesty, but that Donald Trump rather persistently pointed the matter out.  Plus, the solution to the problem of a dishonest news media isn’t that they should, well, be more honest, but that criticism of them should be quashed.

Enter, stage left, the DGB that will henceforth decide for the rest of us what is fact, fiction and fallacy.

Meanwhile, we don’t need to try to predict what the board and the august Ms. Jankowicz will or won’t do.  We already have some very good ideas.  Go to the Homeland Security website and you’ll learn that right-wing racism is a serious problem.  Left-wing racism?  Nary a word.  So, for example, the case of Malik Akram who in January took four people hostage in a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas appears in a DHS terrorism advisory bulletin and at least three other DHS documents that specifically cite “racial motivations” as an issue for homeland security.

The recent attack on a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas highlights the continuing threat of violence based upon racial or religious motivations, as well as threats against faith-based organizations.

By contrast, the cases of Darrell Brooks and Frank James, that were expressly motivated by their racial animus appear nowhere on the DHS site.  Both men made no secret of their anti-white racism prior to their violent crimes.  Brooks ran down 68 people with his SUV, killing six.  James sprayed bullets around a New York City subway car injuring at least 10 people.  About them the DHS makes not a single mention.

The takeaway is clear: antisemitism is considered racism by the DHS and constitutes a danger to the homeland; murderous anti-white racism either doesn’t exist at all or, if it does, has no importance.  And that just happens to conform to the leftist narrative that holds that black people are incapable of racism.  Happy coincidence!

The DGB does not exist untethered to recent history, but rather in the context of a leftist narrative that’s been with us for years and a presidential administration that’s enthusiastically embraced it.  The board therefore can be expected to use its power to promote that narrative.  What is “dis- mis- and mal-information” will be viewed through the progressive lens, warnings issued accordingly for social media companies to read and conduct their censorship activities accordingly. 

Your tax dollars at work.


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